We use simulation and extended reality to deliver productivity gains
Key Sectors

Key Sectors

Our innovative solutions raise expertise and efficiency adding value to the enterprise

Arriva Trains Wales conductor Scot Barnett, operating the Worlds first Virtual Reality platform.


Within the Rail Sector we have accelerated the adoption of Virtual Reality, emphasising non-technical skills to improve Personal Track Safety and the handling of issues relating to the Platform Train Interface. The use of our simulators has resulted in a reduction of incidents (Arriva Trains Wales 2017/18).

Student in an educational setting wearing virtual reality smart glasses


We recognise that the education and training centres of the future will embrace Virtual and Augmented reality to engage and inspire our future workforce. Our work in this area involves the installation of dedicated hardware and software to deliver core skills in a unique environment.

Male worker wearing virtual reality smart glasses at desk


Digitisation is the foundation stone of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Artificial intelligence built into software solutions can learn about every asset’s performance, health and lifespan. Data analytics ensures interventions are taken before production is impacted. In addition to the software, our expertise in augmented reality (AR) is a crucial element in achieving this digital transformation.

Solution Development

Our approach is to work with the client to identify the appropriate platform that provides the most cost effective solution.

Virtual Reality Simulation Room

Simulation Rooms

Our simulation pods are rooms with rooms which create a fully 3d immersive virtual environment. These are brought to life with the use of haptic devices and gesture controls where, in the different scenarios, users can safely practise operational procedures replicating difficult or dangerous situations. The innovative use of artificial intelligence ensures that the environments created do not become predictable, changing automatically to provide a unique experience on each use.
Virtual Reality Motion Simulator

Motion Simulators

We have many years’ experience in motion simulation and our fully interactive software combines with any type of motion platform. In addition to a range of full motion vehicle simulators for driver training we have built high speed boat and land speed record simulators.
Man wearing virtual reality wearable headset

Smart Glasses

Our smart ki © application which is delivered through Augmented Reality Glasses provides users with a hands free way to view content in a real environment through a heads up display. The use of image recognition generates training content at the point of need, whilst integration with the client’s IT systems allows users to analyse an object and diagnose potential faults.
Male worker wearing virtual reality smart glasses with thumbs up

VR Development Studio

Our development studio creates a range of innovative applications fully tailored to meet the needs of clients. Our development team of world class 3d artists, designers and animators work with programmers highly skilled in artificial intelligence, games engine development and mobile application development.

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