VRSS has developed a dedicated Virtual and Augmented Reality suite for Schools, Colleges and Universities. Our combination of hardware (VR headsets, AR Glasses, Simulator Pods and Motion Simulators) with tailor made software now addresses core training need for specific curriculums. VRSS have been able to address vocational training needs across construction, catering, health and beauty, engineering, digital media, health and social care and sports.

VRSS has teamed up with Telford College to offer a fully accredited introduction to Virtual and Augmented Reality Training Course – contact Us today to learn more about the Course and ways to apply.

Headset training with man in conference room

Headset Training

Headset training with student in class room

Headset Training

VR Simulation systems installed a dedicated VR and AR suite at a local College to create a unique teaching and learning environment – a UK first!

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