Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions generate insights to enable Smart manufacturing, currently being introduced, turn planned maintenance into predictive maintenance.

Production line productivity is enhanced with the use of Smart glasses and tablets. The new processes maximises efficiency by upskilling the existing workforce.

Early adopters have reported that their investment in 4IR has reduced costs with a 29% average Return on Investment.

Our solutions are being used to
– Guide and train maintenance engineers in unfamiliar procedures
– Run and record total preventive maintenance programmes, upskilling operatives in the process
– Diagnose faults and identify the location of the fault
– Provide guidance, via a head-up display, on the operation of specific machines
– Deliver Health and Safety training at the point of need

Man with a virtual reality  headset working at a desk

Headset Training

The use of Virtual Reality to create a fully interactive health and safety training platform for the Oil and Gas Industry. The user is able to spot hazards, identify issues and subsequently be tested on their knowledge.

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