The Computer Operated Police Simulator

Public services in the UK are under increasing pressure to reduce costs whilst maintaining the same service levels. Most organizations have had to reduce headcount and it has become incumbent on management to improve the productivity of the remaining staff. The country’s police forces are no exception.

The search for ways of increasing the efficiency of personnel has identified the need to improve the knowledge levels of the workforce. However, for all public facing services, the education of staff will have to be better directed and focussed on improving situational awareness, decision making and the development of confrontation management strategies.

The use of simulation and games based learning has proved to be a very successful tool for training staff to carry out important tasks in an effective way. This has been demonstrated by the UK military who now use simulation and games based learning to deliver training. A research project showed that personnel who used the simulator were able to carry out the live task far more effectively than the personnel who used traditional methods of training. Furthermore, it was determined that the game based rehearsals improved spatial awareness, with the trainees completing their tasks more quickly and with less need for communication as team skills had been improved during the simulation

Simulation also greatly improves retention of the lessons learned within the scenario. Scenarios are tailored to achieve specific learning outcomes and include fixed and random events which engage and test the user. A full content management system allows the training department of the organisation to track the progress of each user.

Princess Anne Launching the Gwent Simulator
Princess Anne Launching the Gwent Simulator
Simulation room at Gwent Police HQ
Simulation room at Gwent Police HQ

Product Description

The simulator is a room within a room. The training department are the facilitators, guiding the participants through a range of fully interactive and engaging training scenarios. The simulation reacts to the user’s specific actions and inputs. The simulation experience is second to none, incorporating HD graphics, real audio, gesture control and a host of learning scenarios.

Screenshot of the computer operated police simulator'
The Computer Operated Police Simulator


VRSS uses a games based software package as the engine for the development of its unique training solution.
VRSS will work with the client to provide a package which is suited to the specific needs of the organization.
The standard package includes 5 key learning scenarios which can be chosen from those already developed comprising of:-
– Domestic Abuse
– Stop and Search
– Firearms (Taser)
– Golden Hour/ Crime Scene Forensic
– Custody
– Sudden Death

Additional scenarios can be further developed to meet the particular learning outcomes or situations identified by the training department of the organisation. Existing scenarios can be expanded with additional features and content to meet client needs. A full content management system ensures full tracking of each user’s progress

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