Smart Glasses

VRSS work with manufacturing companies to embed training at the point of need. Our use of smart glasses with a built in head up displays allows staff and visitors to simply walk around a factory floor and look at a specific item of machinery or a notice board – we then display interactive 3d and video content as way to increase engagement in subjects such as health and safety or critical machine operations – the software has built in Q&As which then allow clients to recognize that the key knowledge has been retained. Our clients include Stadco and Magma Cosma.

Are you ready for the next generation of augmented reality platforms? Smart glasses open up a whole new world in entertainment, manufacturing, medical science and more. These lightweight glasses work out-of-the-box with Bluetooth and VRSS technology applications. Most glasees now have a front-facing camera and motion tracker allowing the development of applications to support any hands-free scenario that deliver large, 2D or 3D, images just in front of the eye – virtually anywhere!

Man at desk with virtual reality smart glasses

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